Paul Connolly



I’ve been a student of sonic adventurism (that’s a word right?) since childhood. Fascinated with the “sound” of music. And the “music” of sound. How it takes the listener on a journey.

Studied at the University of Calgary (Music Composition & Art History) and the Recording Arts Program of Canada (Engineering and Production). Music theory and composition and orchestration and timecode and electronics. Countless hours with tape recorders and synthesizers. And samplers and DAWs and MaxMSP and Kyma.

I’ve composed things. Recorded things. Edited and mixed and mastered things. Cut dialog. Looped things. Programmed stuff.

When not composing or mangling sound (which is often), I sometimes perform. Instruments, found objects and electronics in various configurations. Structured. Improvised. Always trying something new.

I’ve worked and lived in remote places. Have more field recordings than is probably healthy for a single person. And too many plugins. Wait, is that possible?

I hang my hat in Texas, with a wife who is an accomplished pianist, a musically talented 12-year-old son, and four pugs. Don’t let anyone fool you, they shed. And snore.