Christopher Borque



It’s been two decades since my introduction to the world of professional audio, but my passion for sound probably began around the age of nine, when I was given my first guitar.

My world now revolved around sound. Mostly self-taught, I spent my youth listening to music and deciphering the components of the sounds.

In college, I discovered that I could have a career from what I had learned sitting with my guitar in front of a boom box.

I interned at Sugar Hill Studios, learning the craft of engineering and how to handle artists in a session. People skills. That’s key.

After college, I worked as a part-time engineer for KUHF, recording remote sessions with chamber groups, the Houston Grand Opera, and the Houston Symphony. I was also an ADR engineer for a company specializing in dubbing Japanese animation.

brightbluebeetle matches my overall strategy as an artist: I work on unique projects that keep both hemispheres of my brain exercised with art and technology.

Movies, music, shorts, features, recording, mixing, mastering, sound design. I do them all. And I love every minute of it.