bbb Audio Laboratory

brightbluebeetle has always taken a personalized approach to projects we work on. Each has its own unique needs, narrative, musical identity, and sonic signature.


Sensitivity to a film or game company’s need to limit access to its intellectual property (IP), can make presentation of material as part of a showcase (i.e. the “audio reel”) a bit challenging. But we do post things from time-to-time still.

We’re in the process of updating the reels for both music and sound design. Look for them shortly.

What we REALLY enjoy though, is, based on conversations with a client, composing short examples of what may work–preparation for the larger effort in executing the project itself. Consider it a bit of a test-drive for everyone beforehand.

As well, a solution (which we think is a pretty good one, btw), is to have a kind of laboratory where we share various music and sound experiments and explorations. Consider it a peek behind the bbb creative curtain.

Imaginary Landscapes, an ongoing series, offers insight into what we’re thinking about and working on. It is located on our Bandcamp site. Enjoy!