About Us

Sound plays a persuasive role supporting engaging, immersive experiences. There are however unique challenges combining audio and visuals for linear (television or film), non-linear (games), and immersive environments (VR/AR/MR).

is an audio production studio located in Richmond, Texas.

We work with storytellers and other creatives around the world–providing music composition, sound design, audio integration and other related services.

Head beetle Paul Connolly, originally from Canada (now acclimated to the Texas heat and humidity), leads a highly creative team with strong technical skillsets, diverse industry experience, and clear understanding of the role (and value) audio contributes in successfully supporting project goals, and a customer’s vision.

From pre-production and design doc development, to production workflow and execution, concluding with final integration and delivery of 2D/3D audio assets, our methodical approach ensures understanding and meeting of project goals, successfully reaching milestones, and providing deliverables on time.┬áThis avoids execution pitfalls and surprises (and associated costs) later on. Put another way, we “begin with the end in mind”.

Clients and collaborators continue to inspire, challenge and make us who we are today.

Let us help you tell your next story.